> The Almost Daily Annie

Annie's silly grin
Chew Toy
Annie on the rocks
Annie Sees Me
Yo Annie!
Annie vs. the Daylilies
Annie and the azaleas
Photobooth Friday # 171
Photobooth Friday #173
Photobooth Friday # 172
Annie vs. dead snake
Annie has old man eyebrows...
Tug O Annie
Annie vs potted plant
Dog head
The Chipmunk Toy
Annie's tongue
Annie @ Valle Crucis Park
Not nearly as sweet as she looks...
Camoflage Annie
My special needs Annie
What Class!
Annie vs Stick
Annie, stick, and the Farmall
Dog and Butterfly
She drools
Photo evidence
Giving Annie Love to a Stick
Annie Near the Pond
Annie Eats Grass
Little Autumn Annie
Annie bonds with a stick
Lil Apple Annie
Annie's schnoz
Annie in the corn
Totally Rad Annie
Dog happy with stick
Annie shows me her prize.
Annie is a brown noser
Wear Annie winters over
Annie in car
Annie loves her new toy rag
Annie with ball